She told me his name after he – BCS-25

Left Had left Has been left Has been leaving

There is no alternative ----training. BCS-28

To For Than Of

The error in the sentence, ‘One of the recommendation made by the committee was accepted by the authorities’ is – BCS-33

recommendation was accepted by committee

A synonym for 'resentment' is- BCS-23

rear anger indignation panic

He had written the book before he------- BCS-28

Had retired Retired Has retired Will be retired

I can not --- to pay such high prices BCS-28

Able But Try Afford

He advised me — smoking. BCS-25

giving up to give up in giving up from giving up

He knew it was a very ….. operation, but he was determined to carry it out. BCS-25

difficult dangerous risky troublesome

Crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them. BCS-31

Denounce Laud Compliment Acclaim

We look forward ____ a response from you. BCS-33

to receive in receiving to receiving for receiving

Choose the correct preposition. The police is looking ............ the case. BCS-26

After On Up Into

Reason is the highest faculty-on human by their creator.

entrusted endowed bestowed conferred

Select the correct sentence BCS-26

The man was tall who stole my bag. The man stole my bag who was tall. The man who stole my bag was tall. The man was tall who is stealing tall my bag.

'Razzmatazz' means — BCS-24

A musical instrument A well-planned programme A noisy activity A musical activity

I spent-with the patient. BCS-23

sometimes sometime some time some times

I Find out the correct translation(সকাল থেকে গুড়ি গুড়ি বৃষ্টি হচ্ছে) BCS-23

Is is raining from morning It has been raining from morning It has been drizzling since morning It is drizzling since morning

He gave up – football when he got married: BCS-26

Of playing Playing To play Play

He has been ill – Friday last: BCS-26

From On In Since

They travelled to savar----- BCS-29

On foot By walking On their feet By foot

Each of the sons followed __ father's trade. BCS-33

their her his whose

The captain left the boat, because it- BCS-23

turned down turned up turned bottom turned over

The expression ‘take into account’ means BCS-33

count numbers think seriously assess consider

The parents became extremely ….. when their son had not returned by eleven, o'clock. BCS-25

angry annoyed disturbed anxious

Rishan walks as if he-lame.

is had been has were

Only those who are not serious to their success work by _ and start. BCS-31

long odds against time every inch fits

He has paid the penalty …. his crimes…..five years in prision. BCS-22

for- with at- by about- at after- in

‘To get along with’ means— BCS-28

To adjust To accompany To interest To walk

In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word:- Equity BCS-31

Uprightness Justice Integrity Bias

Choose the correct sentence . BCS-26

The train is running in time The train is running on time The train is running with time The train is running to time

The verb of the word ‘short’ is--- BCS-28

Enshort Shorten Shorted Shorting

The synonym for 'Obdurate' — BCS-24

Deceitful Stubborn Sly Swindler

Your conduct admits-------no excuse BCS-29

to for of at

To end in smoke- BCS-31

To create fire To go through suffering To come to nothing To see fire

Each question below consists of a related pair of words; select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair. Submission………….Yielding BCS-22

Subjection…………….Liberation Restrain……………….Indulge Complaint……………..Acquiescent Restriction……………..Relaxation

Stocking are ------------ Stocks. BCS-25

Long Small Big Short

To read between the lines- BCS-30

to concentrate to suspect to grasp the hidden meaning to read carefully

He had a -----------headache BCS-29

Strong Acute Serious Bad

Vacillate…………………Hesitate BCS-22

Persevere…………….Waiver Impulsive…………….Deliberate Obstinate………………Accommodating Irresolute………………Indecisive

A person who writes about his own life writes – BCS-26

A biography A diary A chronicle An autobiography

“I’ll have a cup of tea ,”my father said, because I am not hungry. Which of the flowing sentences is the correct indirect speech? BCS-24

My father said that he will have a cup of tea because he wasn’t hungry My father said that he would have a cup of tea because he wasn’t hungry My father said that he had a cup of tea because he wasn't hungry my father said, because I am not hungry

Only after I ---------home, did I remember my doctor’s appointment. BCS-28

Going Go Went Gone

Fill in the blank with correct preposition. He is devoid ............. commonsense. BCS-26

Of From Introduction At

The horror movie scared them out of their- BCS-30

wits seats lives funds

Honey is -------sweet

Very Too much Much too Excessive

Dhaka is becoming one of the --------cities in asia BCS-28

More busy Busy Most busiest Busiest

Who wrote the famous novels ‘David copperfield’ and ‘The tale of two cities’? BCS-29

Thomas hardy Jane austen Geroge eliot Charles dickens

লোকভর্তি হল ঘরে শুন্য ঘরের চেয়ে শব্দ ক্ষীন হয়, কারন- BCS-23

লোকভর্তি ঘরে মানুষের সোরগোল হয় শূন্য ঘর নীরব থাকে শূন্য ঘরে শব্দের শোষন কম হয় শূন্য ঘরে শব্দের শোষন বেশি হয়

Some writer sink __ oblivion in course of time BCS-33

on from under into

We were waiting (for the bus ) The braket part is— BCS-28

A noun phrase An infinitive phrase A prepositional phrase A verb phrase

Identify the correct passive form of` He is going to open a shop. BCS-26

He is being gone to open a shop A shop is being gone opened by him A shop will be opened by him A shop is going to be opened by him